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Index of Tenjou Tenge Explanations

when i first wrote all this it was under the understanding u were reading as the series was released. now that its over i went back and altered some of these articles so noobs can still read them without having me piss in their kool aid with a shit ton of spoilers. THAT SAID, a lot of these i can’t even begin to discuss without you knowing about things a certain distance into the story. so most articles now have a note in the first paragraph basically saying its either spoiler free, or if u havent read up to X point in the story stop. the exception being the TT for dummies articles as those are basically plot point summaries it should be pretty obvious what u should and should not read….if you read the tournament day one arc, i’m assuming you’ve READ the tournament day one arc. so don’t be a dumbass. i concede there are some things from later arc’s mentioned or referenced, in them but none are really spoilers. if anything they help facilitate better understanding, earlier so i left them.

i know a lot of people have trouble understanding this series, and 85% of it is a result of the feudal japan arc…tho i’ve heard of confusion as early as souichiro being kidnapped. to most people’s defense with the feudal japan arc, it even confused the shit out of me at first, and its incredibly hard to follow when ur reading it as its being released (since its a monthly manga). another 10% of confusion seems to be forgetting past events due to the series being so long and with the monthly release the sheer amount of time that has passed since the begining of the story.

to help correct those problems i wrote a huge ass article explaining the feudal japan arc which was pretty well recieved when i first posted it on bleachexile. it helped several people but a lot of people STILL didn’t get it cuz they couldn’t keep track of the names (despite the fact i had an entire section WITH images dedicated to the who’s who lol). so i fixed that too by linking images to literally ever appearance of someones name. in other articles i’ve taken to using nicknames next to names to make characters easier to identify since everyone but me seems to forget everybody’s name lol.  i.e. makiko i nickname souichiro’s mom, tetsuhito = mohawk guy etc. if u still dont get it, theres a wiki article on pretty much anyone who’s name i bother to mention…i dont recommend reading to much of them tho, just enough to jog ur memory of who it is. i started literally all of those articles, but wikifags have destroyed them into nonsense by now. i tried to read some of them the other day but my brain started to hurt from the mass stupidity of misinterpretations and flat out nonsense that i raged out and stopped lol.

which brings us to the remaining 5% of the confusion sources…perpetuated stupidity by listening to people who dont know wtf they are talking about. i swear i’ve seen some of the absolute dumbest shit that makes no god damn sense put out as fact about TT. its mind boggling….and naturally someone else comes up and vetts it every time. yep thats what happened, or wow so thats what happened….and i fuckin face palm…it’s a wonder i havent broken my glasses yet. i just wanna slap people and ask if they pay attention…so if you THINK you know what happened in TT you are probably fucking wrong from my experience. im confused cuz blah blah blah….and im like, i dont think u understand X. no i totally get it, but if i ask ok, explain it to me i get retarded nonsense that makes me go: wth are u talking about, that never happened/was indicated/implied/mentioned so NO SHIT ur confused. my advice, read everything on here, cuz chances are what you think you understood you didnt. so if you’re like “i totally get the maya/reiki thing”…slap urself, forget it and read what i wrote anyway lol.

to help with the forgetting of past events i wrote the TT for dummies series to summarize the major plot points into several bullet points. i’m sure most will feel the temptation to skip over everything prior to vol. 4 but i’d HIGHLY recommend u read the others anyway for a refresher course. while i have no doubt u understood those arcs there are many things therein u likely forgot…and imo forgetting stuff from the past is a key element in why so many people are lost in the later parts of the story. as i said in vol. 1: if u know the things i listed, u should have no problem following the rest of the story.

i’ve also taken to explaining a few of the concepts that repeatedly appear in TT but are abstract or confusing such as the recurring concept of the wheel of fate…how many people realized its referencing japanese mythology? or the red wing resonance effect (anyone remember that from the events of the F arc? doubt it but its a key plot element late in the story and helps make a few older things make more sense too). not knowing these things isn’t gonna be detrimental to ur understanding of the story…but it sure makes it easier to follow when u actually know wth they’re talking about lol.

Tenjou Tenge for Dummies:

Individual Section Explanations:

Concept Explanations:

if there is anything you still don’t understand, whether i’ve written about it already or not, let me know i can edit my explanations or write new ones as needed.

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thnQ .. really helpful .. I had given up on the series after reading the volumes of Nagi’s capture as I cud hardly follow what is going on .. After reading this .. I think I’ll start again .. since is clearer now 🙂 ..

will let you know if i am still in doubt of anything .. appreciate the detailed explanation

Comment by mannu

Ok, so that’s what happened? Really? O_o..cool. Congrats: You must be either genius or mad. But thanx anyway. 😉

Comment by xfx

I appreciate all the work that went into writing this. It’s been a big help.

Comment by SuperMutant

I would be lost without your help

you are a gentleman and a scholar

Comment by debo


Comment by x

it was pretty easy for me to follow + its my favorite by far the best i think. Im still waiting for the volume 19 to be released at atomic comics so if anyone knows the right date please tell me

Die smiling

Comment by zack

This is awesome. I plan to do an entry on Sohaku Kago for my blog. I will definitely link you in my entry. Good job!

Comment by Manga Therapy

Thank you very much !
I just finished Tenjou Tenge (like 5 minutes ago) and I have to say that I re-read it (dropped it once) because if this site.

Thank you !!

Comment by theonly

Dude, you’re my hero. Seriously. Thanks a lot!

Comment by Tantric

Omg you’re amazing. I know it’s been like almost 7 years but thank you for writing that. I’m one of those rare biggest Tenjou Tenge fan on earth and still love thinking and rethinking and overthinking about the plot and it’s so frustrating to face people who still don’t understand j*ckshit about it. Now I can send them here ! And thank you for the passion, it’s heartwarming to see some people do share the same passion !!! *____* I’m so happy right now haha thanks to you, I wish you all the best.

Comment by thunderk

Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
I have bookmarked it for later!

Comment by Movie Alita Battle Angel 2019

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